More messages, more options and more marketing power!

iMass Volume SMS has been specially designed for companies, brands and organizations that have an ongoing need to get their varying marketing messages out to different sectors of the community.

Tune into the benefits of iMass Volume SMS and turn up your marketing volume! iMass Volume SMS gives you more messages, options, discounts and marketing power. iMass Volume SMS has value, choice and flexibility and gives you the best for less.

With iMass Volume SMS there’s no set up cost and filters are FREE and your messages will always go out with your Sender ID.

Getting started with iMass Volume SMS couldn’t be easier. First choose one of our flexible message plans of up to 7 million messages – it’s valid for a year from the date of purchase.

Next, decide on your marketing message, select how many people you want to send that message to and use our filters to help you select who exactly you want to reach. Then, tell us the time and date you’d like your message to go out and let us do the rest. Repeat the process as many times as you like until you’ve used all your messages.

The Options available FREE with the iMass Volume SMS service are as follows:

  • Language - English / Arabic
  • Subscriber type - Prepaid / Postpaid
  • Residency - Muscat, Dhofar, North Batinah, South Batinah, Al Dhakhliya, South Sharqiyah, North Sharqiyah, A’Dhahirah, Al Wusta, Musandam, Al Buraimi.
  • Nationality - Omani, Middle Eastern/African, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philipines, Nepal, Western Expats & Others.
  • Segment - Business / Personal
  • Current Location - Wilayat (Area)
  • Occupation
  • iMass Volume SMS Tariff

    Messages Price of Package Cost / SMS (OMR) Cost / 25,000 SMS (OMR)
    500,000 OMR 2,700 0.0054 135
    1,000,000 OMR 4,450 0.0044 111
    1,500,000 OMR 6,250 0.0041 104
    2,000,000 OMR 7,150 0.0035 89
    5,000,000 OMR 17,000 0.0034 85
    7,000,000 OMR 23,000 0.0032 82
    • All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT. 5% VAT will be added to the price upon purchase.
    • Messages to be sent in minimum batch of 25,000 and in multiples of 25,000.

    SMS Specifications

    Message Parts English Message Arabic Message
    1 Part SMS 160 characters 70 characters
    2 Part SMS 306 characters 134 characters
    3 Part SMS 459 characters 201 characters
    4 Part SMS 612 characters 268 characters
    5 Part SMS 765 characters 335 characters
    • - All message lengths in English and Arabic are as per international standards.
    • - The total number of characters in English and Arabic include spaces and full stops.
    • - Sender ID can be up to 11 characters alphanumeric (English only)

    To Apply for the iMass Volume SMS Service

    Simply download the iMass Volume SMS Broadcast Form. If you are a new customer, you need to fill the Mobile Marketing Services Registration Form (one time), and submit the same along with your Company Registration document (CR) and Authorized Signatory copy.

    For more information: Call 24151020/ 21 / 24 OR WhatsApp 'Hi' to +96824151020