Powerful web based bulk sms system!

Omantel’s iBulk SMS is the easy way to reach out to, and keep in contact with, your opt-in mobile database – whether that’s your customers and clients or workforce.

Whether you wish to use SMS for alerts, reminders, marketing, rewards or to boost customer service - we simply promise to help you get the best possible results. The time to get started is now.

Some of the most popular uses of iBulk SMS include:

  • Mobile alerts
  • Informing customers about your special offers and promotions
  • Contacting your workforce
  • Reminding clients about appointments
  • Sending holiday greetings
  • After sales follow-up
  • Interactive marketing campaigns
  • Etc
  • Give your business the iBulk SMS advantage!

    Simple and straightforward, iBulk SMS is cost-effective too – there’s no need to buy any special equipment or software and there are absolutely no hidden costs.

    iBulk SMS is available in English or Arabic so you can be sure you’re getting the right message out to your customers. What’s more, with iBulk SMS your Sender ID is placed on all messages so your brand identity is always clear.

    By using 128-256 bit data encryption techniques (i.e. https) iBulk SMS offers a highly secure service which easily integrates with your applications enabling you to send automated messages via web services or http request method.

    iBulk SMS puts you in control - once you have decided on the message plan that best suits your needs, we’ll set up your iBulk SMS account, give you a unique username and password – then it’s up to you. Just log-in anywhere at any time to send your messages. Send as many or as few as you want.

    iBulk SMS Features:
  • Sender ID for branding
  • Multi User facility with User Role Management for control
  • Maker & Checker functionality
  • Birthday/Greeting Message facility available with template option
  • Dynamic SMS (SMS Merge) facility available for creating dynamic message with the data from the excel sheet
  • Import Message (Different message to different users)
  • 2-Way SMS: Fast, effective way to send and receive.
  • Interface & API options: Pick your preference: Web Services / HTTP Request.
  • Message encoding: Unicode, GSM7, ASCII, Latin-1, Binary supported.
  • Concatenation: For SMS messages longer than 160 characters, we’ll automatically split long messages into multiple SMS to ensure delivery.
  • Interactive Marketing facility for running Campaign/Survey for generating leads and service booking with auto message reply facility
  • Built CRM Module for capturing customer data
  • Send SMS’s to individuals and groups from the internet
  • Single/Quick Message
  • Personalize outgoing messages
  • Schedule messages to be sent at a later date
  • Upload existing contacts (TXT, Excel, CSV)
  • Delivery reports: Live delivery reports and advanced error codes available in our Customer Lounge.
  • Number portability support: When users change their service providers or are roaming you’ll still reach them.
  • History of the messages sent
  • Account Statement
  • Account History
  • Online Top up form for account top ups.
  • Secure messaging using SSL encryption technology
  • 24X7 Support
  • iBulk SMS is already used by businesses and organizations around the world. Join them now! Apply Now.

    iBulk SMS Tariff

    Messages Price of Package (OMR) Validity Cost per SMS (OMR)
    1000 9 1 Month 0.009
    3000 27 1 Month 0.009
    5000 45 3 Months 0.009
    10,000 85 3 Months 0.0085
    15,000 120 3 Months 0.008
    25,000 188 6 Months 0.00752
    50,000 338 6 Months 0.00676
    100,000 600 6 Months 0.006
    200,000 1050 12 Months 0.00525
    500,000 2250 12 Months 0.0045
    1 million 3750 12 Months 0.00375
    2.5 million 8650 12 Months 0.00346
    5 million 16700 12 Months 0.00334
    Set up Fee 10 12 Months


    • - All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT. 5% VAT will be added to the price upon purchase.
    • - The setup fee is waived for education institutions, the healthcare sector and charities.
    • - SMS API would be charged separately depending on the SMS Plan purchased.
    • - The above rates are applicable for messages originated and terminated within Oman. Any other messages will be billed at the International Terminated Message Rate of OMR 0.031 / SMS.

    SMS Specifications

    Message Parts English Message Arabic Message
    1 Part SMS 160 characters 70 characters
    2 Part SMS 306 characters 134 characters
    3 Part SMS 459 characters 201 characters
    4 Part SMS 612 characters 268 characters
    5 Part SMS 765 characters 335 characters
    • - All message lengths in English and Arabic are as per international standards.
    • - The total number of characters in English and Arabic include spaces and full stops.
    • - Sender ID can be up to 11 characters alphanumeric (English only)

    To Apply for the iBulk SMS Service:

    Simply download the iBulk SMS Application Form. If you are a new customer, you need to fill the Mobile Marketing Services Registration Form (one time), and submit the same along with your Company Registration document (CR) and Authorized Signatory copy.

    For more information: Call 24151020/ 21 / 24 OR WhatsApp 'Hi' to +96824151020