Reach out to your International Customers

With the launch of the International Bulk SMS Service, you can now reach out to your customers residing outside of Oman via SMS.

You can use your existing account to send messages to your international customers just as you always do to send messages to your local customers in Oman.

A text message can be sent from an existing iBulk SMS Account to an overseas mobile phone number. You need to buy the International SMS Credits separately in order to send messages to your International Customers.

International iBulk SMS Tariff

International SMS Validity Period Package Price (OMR)
1,000 3 Months 40
5,000 3 Months 180
10,000 3 Months 350
25,000 6 Months 850
50,000 6 Months 1,600
100,000 12 Months 3,000


  • All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT. 5% VAT will be added to the price upon purchase.
  • - SMS API would be charged separately depending on the SMS Plan purchased.
  • - The above rates are applicable for messages originated and terminated within Oman. Any other messages will be billed at the International Terminated Message Rate of OMR 0.031 / SMS.
How many countries we have tie-up for International SMS?
Service Type Number of Countries Number of Operators
International SMS 203 691
Information on using "International Bulk SMS"
  • This service is available to all existing iBulk SMS Customers
  • Customers need to buy the International Bulk SMS credits separately
  • Charges may also be applied even when unable to send SMS due to sending errors or other causes.
  • Charges will also apply when an international SMS does not reach a recipient due to the circumstances of an overseas carrier.
  • It may be possible to use International SMS with carriers other than the connected carriers specified above. In these cases, communication charges still apply
  • For more information: Call 24151020/ 21 / 24 OR WhatsApp 'Hi' to +96824151020